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Andy Ridley
Our platform allows your organisation to drive real change for the future of the Great Barrier Reef, and to be recognised for doing so. Thank you in advance for helping us bring the movement to life. Please use the official toolkit assets – and your imagination.
Andy Ridley, CEO Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef

A global movement, powered by you

Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef is the world’s first collaborative movement for the Reef – a unique, data-driven and united approach to Reef conservation.

Our aim is to mobilise the world in measurable action for the Reef, providing a platform to share knowledge about its true condition, facilitate practical solutions, and showcase the people, projects and organisations leading the charge.

The role of business, government and community organisations in these aims is significant. You are the engine: using your influence, best-practice and advocacy to inspire, engage and drive real change for the Reef.

And your efforts will not go unrecognised – we attribute the impact of every citizen you recruit back to your organisation, success you can measure.

Using the toolkit

The toolkit contains everything you need to get your organisation up and running as a Citizen of the Great Barrier Reef. Once registered you will receive a unique link and QR code, for use anywhere you are looking to promote your involvement, plus access to a dashboard to track your organisation's progress.

Share your colour and create a co-branded video or poster to help drive engagement and align your organisation with the Citizens movement. All materials are provided free-of-charge.

Need more information? Skip to the bottom of this page to learn about the Citizens platform and how it works.

Take the Plastic-Free Pledge!

The tide is turning on single-use plastics. Join hundreds of organisations who have committed to a brighter future for the Reef — pledge to remove single-use plastics from your operations. Take the pledge and we’ll add a special badge to your profile for everyone to see.

Social media

Your social media channels are a powerful way to spread the Citizens message. Use your unique link every time you post to ensure you get the recognition (and the impact points) you deserve.

You can keep us in the loop by mentioning @CitizensGBR and using our #CitizensGBR hashtag.

Sharing our message

  • We’re committed to a brighter future for the Reef. Join us at
  • We’re proud to partner with Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s first collaborative movement for the Reef. Join us:
  • We’re committed to a brighter future for the Reef. By becoming a citizen, you’re connecting with the passionate people, projects and organisations uniting for the Reef, and joining our global community taking real action for the Reef and the planet. Join us:
  • This is our colour. The reef is our cause. Join us at
  • We’re the generation who will either save or lose the Great Barrier Reef. But it won’t happen without you. Join us and commit to a brighter future for the Reef.
  • Did you know that only 9% of materials dug up from the earth are used more than once? Everything else ends up in landfill, our atmosphere and our oceans. Find out how you can make a real, measurable difference. Become a Citizen of the Great Barrier Reef today:

Co-branded video

A short and high-impact film celebrating the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. Ideal for use on websites and social media, on customer-facing screens in a business, or in the office at your morning meeting – anywhere you need to inspire people to join you as part of the Citizens movement.

Watch the video below, then follow the steps to create your own co-branded version.

  1. Step 1 of 2: Create your co-branded video
    For best results use a high-res PNG or JPG logo with a white or transparent background. Click upload logo to begin.

  2. Step 2 of 2: Download your video (66MB)
    You can see your logo as it appears in the final frame of the video above. Press play to preview the full video, then download (66MB) or start over.

  3. Preparing your video:

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Posters for web or print

These will add depth and context to the Citizens' story. Download artwork for use at point-of-sale, in hotel lifts, staff rooms, notice boards, etc. Your local same-day printing store will produce a quality result from the artwork provided.

Sign in to create a custom poster with your organisation's logo, unique link and QR code.

Download ‘Single-use Plastic Free’:

Made to remix / remake / collaborate

All toolkit materials are licensed for collaboration under a Creative Commons non-commercial license. If you have a merchandising or otherwise commercial opportunity in mind please get in touch.

Citizens logos

Our iconic symbol, designed by artist Brian Robinson, promotes collaboration and a shared commitment to the Great Barrier Reef – and our logos provide a simple way for your organisation to ensure this vision is seen and understood by all.

Perfect for co-branding, you can use our logos anywhere you wish to promote our shared vision for the Reef. For items that are for sale, we ask that you first please get in touch.

Primary logo

Our primary logo, perfect for use on social media, websites, and for printed materials.

Available Colours:

Download set  |  9.7MB

Justified logo

Ideal for documents and when locking up with your own logo. Available left and right justified.

Available Colours:

Download set  |  8.3MB

Citizens seal

For use on corporate assets, or wherever you need to seal a deal.

Available Colours:

Download set  |  5.0MB

Learn about:The citizens platform

At its core, the Citizens platform calculates and aggregates the material, energy and emissions footprint of small, everyday actions related to unsustainable material use – the driving force behind emissions, air pollution, marine debris and a myriad of other threats to the Reef and the planet.

To become a citizen you can either sign yourself up, be invited by a friend, or join in association with a business or community organisation; creating a global, traceable network of citizens leading back to the Reef.

As you commit to actions, anonymised data is collected based on location, commitment duration, and your individual achievements against the average. This data provides a rich map of actions and impact for the Reef that can be scaled from an individual, to an organisation, to the entire global network; split across cities, regions or nations; and filtered by action or outcome.

In a world-first for conservation, the Citizens platform provides tangible outcomes and feedback for every user. Achievements are recognised via an impact score (being the sum of any individual actions plus the cumulative impact of any recruited citizens); a mechanic that incentivises both action for the Reef and promotion of the platform, driving numbers.

For organisations, be it business, government or community, success is measured on customised dashboards. Here recruited citizens are grouped, and their combined impact broken down and added to organisation totals. In the future these dashboards will become hubs, inviting conversation and showcasing verifiable efforts towards conservation and sustainability goals.

Unite for the reef.

Together, we can ease the pressures that the reef faces - but we need your support to do it. Because it’s only when we’re united as Citizens, that our individual actions can come together to make a real, physical impact on the Great Barrier Reef.

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