Our mission is to scale up conservation efforts for the Great Barrier Reef, and reefs around the world.

No matter where you are around the world, you can help in the conservation and protection of the Reef.

Join the new frontier for conservation, with people-power at its centre.


The Great Reef Census

A world-first citizen science effort to survey the Great Barrier Reef

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The Great Reef Census

Whether you’re in Cairns or Cape Town, you can join this collaborative project to deliver vital insights for the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Reef Census is a groundbreaking citizen science initiative to survey the far reaches of the 2,300 kilometre Great Barrier Reef, connecting the global community with local reef conservation.

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Reef Cooperative

Reef Cooperative

The Reef Cooperative is a collective of some of the brightest and most passionate minds working collaboratively on innovative ways to protect the Reef. From Traditional Owners to coral and seagrass experts, tourism leaders and reef restoration project teams, our goal is to drive scaleable and cross-sector conservation projects on the Reef with a focus on driving new technologies and sharing learnings with reef communities globally.

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Reef Tracks: marine life tracker

Reef Tracks: marine life tracker

See what your favourite reef animals are up to right now! From sharks to turtles and manta rays, follow real-time tracks from our most iconic reef residents and help unlock the mysteries of the Great Barrier Reef.

Track a live turtle
Andy Ridley
The actions of people across the planet will define the future of the Great Barrier Reef.
Andy Ridley, Founder Earth Hour & CEO Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef
Our incredible reef

Our incredible Reef

Jump in the water and the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef will still take your breath away, but the threats to the Reef are real and urgent. There is still hope if we respond now with action not apathy.

What’s at stake
The reef's greatest threats

The reef’s greatest threats

Climate change is the greatest threat to the Great Barrier Reef. Poor water quality caused by land-based run-off, crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks and coastal development are making our Reef even more vulnerable

What’s endangering the reef
Building a global community

Citizens ethos

We need to engage citizens from around the world; empowering them to make the change that needs to happen. From local community education to large-scale initiatives with global partners, every action has impact.

Our plan of attack

Unite for the reef.

Together, we can ease the pressures that the reef faces - but we need your support to do it. Because it’s only when we’re united as Citizens, that our individual actions can come together to make a real, physical impact on the Great Barrier Reef.

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